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The Sustainable Development Institute's vision is that natural resource management in Liberia involves the participation of local inhabitants, is transparent and accountable and provides equitable benefits for present and future generations.

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We work on a range of cross-cutting issues including governance, natural resource management, environment, state and corporate social responsibility, economic and social justice for rural populations and the democratic participation of ordinary people in issues that affect their lives.

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The organisation was founded in 2002 and received the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for outstanding environmental achievements in Africa in 2006. Sustainable Development Institute is the Liberian charter of Friends of the Earth, the world’s largest grassroots environmental network.

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SDI takes interns and volunteers to support specific projects. Interns have held both short and long-term positions and have provided assistance across a broad range of programme activities such as carrying out research, community outreach and mobilisation, policy development and advocacy campaigns.

Latest news

UK–based company Equatorial Palm Oil (EPO) is accused of involvement in the arbitrary arrest and assault of Liberian community members who claim that they were resisting EPO's efforts to take their land....
Since the 2012 moratorium on and subsequent cancellation of Private Use Permits (PUPs) in the last quarter of 2013, there has been an alarming rise in the number of applications for Community Forestry Management...
The Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) congratulates the President on her bold step recognising and respecting communities’ customary ownership of their land and their rights to say yes or no to palm oil...
Listen to Development Talk. The proposed Land Policy in Liberia represents a shift towards respecting customary rights of communities. However it is still fraught with many challenges. Even with progressive policy...

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This guide is intended to support communities make an informed and participatory decision about whether or not they want to share their...

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