Interns and volunteers

SDI also takes interns and volunteers to support specific and tangible projects. Interns have held both short and long-term positions and have provided assistance across a broad range of programme activities such as carrying out research, community outreach and mobilisation, policy development and advocacy campaigns. Professionals can also volunteer remotely and provide expertise in the relevant programme areas.

For more information contact the Internship and Volunteers coordinator via email:

Available opportunities for interns and volunteers: 

Financial management and organizational development

To review financial management systems and provide support to the implementation of recommendations on how to improve internal governance and financial controls.


To design a communications strategy involving website development, developing a social media presence, writing newsletters and email bulletins. Support for implementation of a communication's strategy would be welcomed.


To provide in-house legal expertise on concession agreements and social policy. This would include legal review of concessionaires compliance with terms of their contracts, including environmental law and regulations.


To support work on forestry issues including monitoring of logging activities, research and publication. 


To support targeted research on social and environmental issues such as the impact of extractive industries, community rights, sustainable natural resource management.

Social and environment impacts assessments

To design a program for assessing the impact of extractive industries on an ongoing basis, and possibly participate in piloting the program.

Community development and outreach

To proivde facilitation and advocacy support to various project teams.


To develop an organizational strategy for campaigns and lobbying