Community Land Protection

SDI Report Individual Land Ownership Versus Collective Land Ownership

In June 2016, Rights and Rice Foundation (RRF) andSustainable Development Institute (SDI) commissioned theconduct of a research to assess collective title versusindividual title and their implications for livelihood in termsof the use and management of land and forest resources.The research was conducted based on the premise that thedraft Land Rights Act (LRA) will be legislated therebypaving the way for formalized and legally protectedcollective ownership of land.With this pending development there is a need for civil society, policymakers and the rural population to better understand the


This Policy Brief is a result of CSOs consultations with ruralcommunities on the draft Land Rights Act. It provides the views oflocal communities on the draft Act, as well presents concreterecommendations to protect the pro community provisions of the Act

Liberia Land Rights Policy

This Policy is a vision statement of where Liberians want to go with their land sector; none of the below principles or recommendations will be applied retroactively to change prior actions by the Government. Rather, this Policy will help ensure that in the future Liberia’s land sector is orderly, just, and contributes to economic growth and development for all Liberians. 

Community Guide: Getting a Fair Deal from Companies and Investors

This guide is intended to support communities make an informed and participatory decision about whether or not they want to share their lands and resources with companies or investors. It is meant to help make sure that communities think carefully about if they want to share their lands and resources, and if yes, how to make sure those communities will get a fair deal in return. This guide will help foster peace between a community and company or investor through open and honest discussions.


Community Education Posters

These posters explain details of Sime Darby and Golden Veroleum Liberia’s concession agreements with the Government of Liberia highlighting key areas of concern related to community rights. The posters are designed to be used as educational resources for communities. They are for educational purposes only; for legal interpretations please refer to the original contracts.

Protecting Community Lands and Resources: Evidence from Liberia, Mozambique and Uganda

This report compiles evidence from community land titling initiatives in three countries in an effort to address community land protection issues in policy and practice. The report concludes that community land documentation may be a more efficient method of land protection than individual and family titling.


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