Current board members are:

Cerue Konah Garlo

Mrs. Cerue Konah Garlo

Cerue Konah Garlo is a hands-on peace building activist and civil society leader experienced in designing, delivering and evaluating capacity building and institutional strengthening trainings with a principal focus on women’s rights, advocacy, community mobilization and citizen participation, in particular for gender mainstreaming issues. She has played a significant role in ensuring that women voices are heard, and their capacity developed to address post conflict activities with respect to women survivors. She has played a significant role in ensuring that women voices are heard, and their capacity developed to address post conflict issues. She has worked with women in participatory and political fashion, building leadership and a constituency, to assist women's positioning for advocacy and other engagements.  Ccurrently, Ms Garlo is the Senior Gender Specialist at the Carter Center Rule of Law Liberia Program. Ms Garlo provides technical assistance and support to government, civil society and women groups to ensure the implementation and enforcement of the freedom of information law is gender responsive and inclusive.

Ms. Garlo Worked with a group of national and international Cconsultants as Country Expert to conduct USAID Liberia Conflict Vulnerability Assessment. She has also conducted desk review of policies and frameworks in Liberia relevant to peace and security as well as traditional forms of mediation. Worked with one lead researcher documenting the impact of UN SCR 1325 on the strategies and activities of women’s organizations and networks in Liberia. Ms. Garlo has co- authored “What the Women Say: Participation and UNSCR 1325: A Case Study Assessment”.

She co- authored “Implementation of Resolution 1325 in Liberia: A Reflections of Women’s Associations

She also co-authored “The Intensification of Liberia Women’s Social Reproductive Labour in the Coronavirus Pandemonic: Regenerative Possibilities”

 She is a guest Lecturer at the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Western University London CANADA. Ms. Garlo is a member of several professional boards and a member of Lions Club International and Cape Mesurado Lion Club of Liberia.

Korto Reeves Williams

Korto Williams is currently the Head of Women’s Rights in ActionAid International, a social justice federation working in 43 countries globally. She is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Over the last 11 years, she has worked with the organization in several positions, including International Programme Manager for Women’s Rights and as AA Liberia’s Country Director from 2010 to 2016.

She is a feminist and a strategic civil society leader in Liberia and the sub-region. A major contributor to shaping feminist discourse on multiple and intersecting issues in the region, she serves as Chair of the board of Urgent Action Fund (Africa)

She holds a master’s degree in Sustainable Development from the School of International Training (now the SIT Graduate Institute) in Vermont, USA; and a certificate on Mobilizing Your Non-Profit Board (Harvard University ExEd training, 2014).

Silas Siakor

Silas Siakor

Silas Siakor holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Development Studies. His focus is on Globalization and Social Change.

Silas has championed community forest and land rights in Liberia for about two decades. For his work, he has received several international awards, including the Whitley Award for Environment and Human Rights in 2002 (UK), the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2006 (US), Award for Outstanding Environmental and Human Rights Activism from the Alexander Soros Foundation (US), Mundo Negro Fraternity Award in 2018 (Spain) and was among Time Magazine’s Heroes of the Environment in 2008.

Silas founded the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) in Liberia and served as its first Director from 2005 to 2009. He also stars in the award-winning 2018 documentary ‘Silas: no longer business as usual’ that has screened in capitals and major cities in Europe and the United States.

Silas leads The Sustainable Trade Initiative work in Liberia on land governance, coordinating Participatory Land Use Planning and Customary Land rights formalization, and coordinate an International Land and Forest Tenure Facility funded Customary Land Formalization project. Both projects aims to bring 1 million hectares of land under community control by the end of 2020.


F. Deddeh Harper


Martha Karga


Grace Yeaneh 

Dorothy Tooman