Forest Governance

The goal of the Forest Governance Programme (FGP) is to improve governance of Liberia’s forests and benefit sharing with forest communities. It focuses on forest policy making, public access to forest sector information, forest corruption and illegal logging, law enforcement and community rights in the forestry sector.


The FGP aims to influence policy making processes by monitoring, documenting and reporting on forestry operations including the impact of policy implementation. It works to strengthen community engagement in the forestry sector by empowering communities to meaningfully participate in policy making. The FGP aims to tackle the root causes of forest destruction and poverty in forest communities. 


The current activities of the FGP targets strengthening civil society organisations to:

  • Enable them to monitor the implementation of the VPA
  • To report on the impact of the agreement
  • Monitor the coherence of the EU policy regarding the promotion of forest governance in Liberia. This will involve monitoring and documenting the role of EU agencies in the natural resource sector, especially those that have implications for forestry in Liberia.