Community Rights and Corporate Governance

The goal of the CR&CGP is to promote inclusive and equitable development in Liberia by championing respect and protection of community rights and challenging corporate and government actions that threaten those rights.The programme utilises a broad, overarching analysis of the policies and practices of government and corporate concessionaires in Liberia to inform advocacy. The programme evaluates the social, economic, and environmental effects of natural resource policy and activities in the country.It advocates a rights-based approach towards rural communities while proposing sustainable policy alternatives that promote socially just and environmentally sound economic development. The programme focuses on four issues: Natural Resource Management Policy, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, Protection of Community Rights, and Revenue Flows and Accountable Use; whilst monitoring the government’s interactions with concessionaires and affected community members, as well the conduct of those concessionaires. The CR&CGP’s activities include:

  • Investigating corporate behavior through field visits and other information gathering activities
  • Monitoring allocation of Corporate Social Responsibility funding schemes
  • Monitoring policy making and implementation to document and report on policy and practices

Information generated is then used in local and high level advocacy with Liberian policymakers, international organisations and other relevant stakeholders, as well educating communities about their rights.