About Us

The Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) works to transform decision-making processes of natural resource management so the benefits are shared equally. SDI's work aims to create space for the participation of local communities in decision making processes on natural resources. We work to support and enhance their contributions to those processes and strengthen mechanisms that will ensure that communities receive a fair share of the benefits derived from natural resource exploitation.

SDI's work is underpinned by three core values and guiding principles which shape our rights based approach and analysis of natural resource management. We strive to work with communities in an empowering way to facilitate their meaningful participation in decisions about natural resources which effect their well being, their livelihoods and their and way of life. Our values and principles are that the rights of people and communities to participate in decisions making processes should be respected at all times; that people and communities should have opportunities to pursue economic, social, cultural and political well being without hindrance by the state; and that the use of natural resources should reflect the well being of future generations.