SDI's radio show Development Talk discusses issues at China Union iron ore mining concession in Bong County

A number of weeks ago, there was a mass demonstration at the China Union concession by members of the Bong Mines community, as well as students from the area attending university in Monrovia. The demonstration became quite heated, with insults and physical abuse directed towards the Minister of Internal Affairs, Rep. Korpu Barclay, and the district commissioner. The demonstrators blocked the entrance to the China Union mine, stating that they refused to allow iron ore shipments to leave the area until the company fulfilled its social obligations. Ultimately, the ERU was called to the area, who fired in the air, dispersing the demonstrators and then arresting the leaders of three youth factions who led the protest. Prior to this protest, SDI staff heard allegations of severe physical abuse to workers, unfulfilled social obligations from China Union’s MDA, and a poor relationship between the company and the community. SDI staff members made a field trip to the area on the week of October 14, discovering a number of concerning developments and trends. The show will discuss SDI’s findings and give space to a range of actors around the concession to discuss their experiences in recent years, as regards their relationship with China Union.

Guests include spokespeople from the Fuamah Progressive Platform, Former Bong Mines Workers and Jesse Cole from the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission.

Tune in today on Tuesday October 29th from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Radio Veritas (97.8 FM).