SDI Report Individual Land Ownership Versus Collective Land Ownership

In June 2016, Rights and Rice Foundation (RRF) andSustainable Development Institute (SDI) commissioned theconduct of a research to assess collective title versusindividual title and their implications for livelihood in termsof the use and management of land and forest resources.The research was conducted based on the premise that thedraft Land Rights Act (LRA) will be legislated therebypaving the way for formalized and legally protectedcollective ownership of land.With this pending development there is a need for civil society, policymakers and the rural population to better understand the challengesand opportunities that will come with these changes by examining thecurrent practices with respect to the governance and management ofcollective land, such as large parcels of land under collective title. Thepurpose of the research therefore, was to contribute to knowledge aswell as to inform future policy and practices.

Publication date: 
Wednesday, May 3, 2017
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