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PETITION STATEMENT FOR THE PASSAGE OF A PROCOMMUNITY LAND RIGHTS BILL ISSUED THIS 29TH DAY OF MAY 2018 AD To our honorable lawmakers of the 54th Legislative Assembly, We, members of the Liberia Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Working Group on Land Rights Reform , (hereafter the Working Group), a group of 28 CSOs working on land reform in Liberia; working along with the National Civil Society Council of Liberia (NCSCL), the Women Land Rights Task Force (WLRTF), communities across Liberia and in the diaspora, and friends from across Africa and around the world are here to present a collect

Peace and Prosperity for Liberia: A People-Centred Land Rights Act

The draft Liberian Land Rights Act (LRA) has the potential to become a fundamental law to the creation of a peaceful future for the country – improving the lives of over 3 million Liberians, reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and protecting the country’s forests. However, unless major changes are made to the current version that is in the hands of Senators, this historic opportunity will be lost.

SDI Report Individual Land Ownership Versus Collective Land Ownership

In June 2016, Rights and Rice Foundation (RRF) andSustainable Development Institute (SDI) commissioned theconduct of a research to assess collective title versusindividual title and their implications for livelihood in termsof the use and management of land and forest resources.The research was conducted based on the premise that thedraft Land Rights Act (LRA) will be legislated therebypaving the way for formalized and legally protectedcollective ownership of land.With this pending development there is a need for civil society, policymakers and the rural population to better understand the


This Policy Brief is a result of CSOs consultations with ruralcommunities on the draft Land Rights Act. It provides the views oflocal communities on the draft Act, as well presents concreterecommendations to protect the pro community provisions of the Act


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