Land Valuation Briefer

The Community Rights and Cooperate Governance Program (CR&CGP) of SustainableDevelopment Institute (SDI) is using a land valuation tool developed by Namati. It supportscustomary communities and forest dependent peoples to clearly understand the value of their landand guide them to make informed decision during land negotiations with companies or investors.The exercise also makes customary communities more cohesive and resilient in the managementand governance of their lands and natural resources. And it helps women to understand they havesignificant role to play in decisions that directly affect their land and natural resources. Land and forests provide lot of values for communities. Identifying and calculating how these values are sustaining the livelihoods and existence of the community is difficult for community members. Without this knowledge and insight, communities are more likely to agree to let investors usetheir lands for much less than the value they already receive from the land. This brief explains how SDI uses the Land Valuation method, because it is a simple tool that can beextremely helpful for NGOs working with communities that are faced with companies that want tohave their land for logging, industrial plantations or any other use.

Publication date: 
Tuesday, April 30, 2019